Friday, February 12, 2010

Warcraft The Movie

You could say that since it's first announcement  in June of 2007 the Warcraft Movie has seen delay after delay and now in 2009 and still no movie. Fact is this is one of the signs of a blockbuster of epic proportions, Avatar has had the same kind of making process, meticulous but slow. In this type of case the results will speak for themselves and justify all the waiting.

The storyline and plot have a very good possibility of rendering us speechless as much as bored, fact is it all relies on the talent and vision of the production crew. Last BlizzCon there was talk and speculation on the rating the movie would receive due to the fact it's so action packed with battles in it's video game counterpart, this is the funniest quote of the week so listen up this is what they had to say about PG ratings :

Chris Metzen Warcraft Movie

"The story and the director's vision will ultimately decide that. We're definitely not going to make a G or a PG version of this. It's not PillowfightCraft."
Blizzard V.P. of Creative Development Chris Metzen

World of Warcraft will be released as a movie for the year 2011 and here's a trailer of the Litch King just to give you an example of what the Movie should resemble visually. The movie version is set to take place 10 years before Warcraft and to be given from a human point of view.
warcraft the movieSony Pictures has recently affirmed that the rumors of Raimi being put in charge of directing the new Warcraft. After a monumental work like Spiderman Raimi should be more than up to the challenge of presenting us not only with an originally cast film but also one that innovates what others have been doing in the past years along the lines of 3D technology and graphics animation. Not to replace elements or even character traits but to enhance them and add to preexisting effects.

This is where the future of moviemaking lies and the Warcraft Movie is in the right position and has the people and funding just right to make it happen. Let's see if the cast can meet our high expectations after a boatload of recent movies that push the limit of imagination just a little further like in Avatar and many more.